Antibody testing in STD clinic identified high prevalence of HCV

PHILADELPHIA — Researchers found a high prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection among individuals screened for the virus while attending an urban STD clinic, according to study data presented at IDWeek 2014.

“Despite patient navigation services for those testing positive, there was low attendance at offsite HCV specialist appointments,” Oluwaseun Falade-Nwulia, MD, MPH, of the Baltimore City Health Department and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said during her presentation. “Patients who did not follow up with HCV specialists continue to access the STD clinics for care.”

“Public STD clinics see minority, poor and uninsured clients with high STD rates,” Falade-Nwulia said. “STD clinics have the potential to serve as HCV testing and treatment sites for these populations.”


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