At The Crossroads, Part 1: A Tale Of Two Epidemics

One infectious disease – Ebola – is dominating the headlines now. But there’s another that affects far more people around the world, including here in the U.S.

Hepatitis C infects an estimated five million Americans, though most of them don’t know it, because it takes years for symptoms to emerge. Now, deaths from hepatitis C are on the rise in baby boomers. And throughout New England, new infections are creeping up among a younger generation. Less than a year ago, their only options for treatment were complicated regimens of injections that didn’t always work. But brand new drugs could change everything. That is, if the cost doesn’t break the bank.                                                                 

We’re kicking off a new series called “At The Crossroads: Hepatitis C On The Rise And The Fight To Stop It.” Rhode Island Public Radio health care reporter Kristin Gourlay takes us inside the epidemic in Rhode Island and beyond.    

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