HCV detected post-transplant, despite negative NAT pre-transplant

PHILADELPHIA — Hepatitis C virus infection was detected in solid organ recipients after transplantation, despite negative pre-transplant nucleic acid testing (NAT), according to data presented at IDWeek 2014.  
Researchers analyzed organ donor and recipient medical records to determine how common donor-derived transmissions of hepatitis C virus infection and antibody were, after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention was notified in January 2014 of two organ recipients testing positive for HCV post-transplant. Six organ recipients who received seven solid organs were reviewed.
Three of the recipients tested positive for HCV, which had been undetectable in pre-transplant serum; two patients were not infected with HCV; and one patient was positive for HCV before undergoing liver transplantation. HCV was discovered through stored serum samples and splenocytes at less than 15 IU/mL and 58 IU/mL. Of the three infected patients, two had HCV genotype 1a, were negative for anti-HCV and displayed normal liver function, whereas the third infected recipient died a short time after transplant. The one patient who died had HCV serum levels less than 15 IU/mL. 

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