New report underlines success of City’s ‘Clean Needle Exchange Program’

The city’s medical services director, Dr. James Dunford told a City Council committee Nov. 13 that more than 2.5 million dirty needles were properly disposed of since the start of the city’s Clean Syringe Exchange Program.

Presenting the Safe Point San Diego Clean Syringe Exchange Program Annual Report for fiscal year 2014 Dunford then asked Council members to imagine the stack of 2.5 million dirty needles: “Put that at Petco Park and see what kind of pile you’d be looking at.”

Dunford told members of the Public Safety & Livable Neighborhoods Committee the program has taken in 405,416 dirty needles just in the last fiscal year. He said the program has collected 276,958 more syringes than clean ones distributed to drug addicts.


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