Canada: Commemorating those impacted by tainted blood scandal

Seventeen years ago, an inquiry by Justice Horace Krever recommended compensation for the thousands of Canadians who had received blood tainted with HIV and hepatitis C more than a decade prior.

While much has been done to prevent a similar occurrence in the future - the establishment of Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and more detailed blood testing, for example - the former president of Hemophilia Saskatchewan says many continue to live with the fallout from errors made in the past.

According to the Canadian Hemophilia Society, more than 1,100 transfused Canadians were infected with HIV, 700 of whom had hemophilia or other bleeding disorders. Between 700 and 800 of those people have since died. The numbers of those infected with hepatitis C are even more alarming at up to 20,000 people. It isn't known how many have died, but it's estimated to be in the thousands, the society reports.