Canada: Vancouver doctor warns of hepatitis C. 'tsunami' among baby boomers

Pioneer in battle against HIV/AIDS shifting focus to disease lying dormant in many
The doctor who’s been at the forefront of B.C.’s pioneering, globally imitated battle against HIV and AIDS for the past three decades is now turning his attention to another looming heath crisis — an estimated 80,000 people in B.C. infected with hepatitis C.

Vancouver’s Dr. Julio Montaner was honoured last week, on the eve of Monday’s International AIDS day, by B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake, who said no one in Canada has contributed more to HIV/AIDS research and treatment. The United Nations has also cited Montaner’s work toward achieving “an AIDS-free generation.”

Meanwhile, at his cluttered office in St. Paul’s Hospital, the head of B.C.’s Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS has another disease in his sights.


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