First of its kind HIV/hepatitis C (HCV) co-infection guide to help curb increasing prevalence and mortality in the UK launched

56 Dean Street is leading the way in helping combat the rapidly increasing prevalence and mortality among men who have sex with men (MSM) with the launch of an informative discussion guide for healthcare professionals. As the activities in which this group engages are ever-changing, nuanced and often taboo, many HCPs and service providers currently find it difficult to communicate appropriately with their patients, thereby limiting effective discussions around the risks of and importance of testing and treatment. With 7% of gay men in the UK co-infected with HIV and HCV, and 84% of all newly diagnosed HCV infections in London, it is vital that healthcare professionals have information at their fingertips to help address this challenge.1

The ChemSex and hepatitis C: a discussion guide for HCPs has been developed by 56 Dean Street's David Stuart, who has a wealth of experience in providing drug addiction services to HIV/HCV co-infected MSM. The guide, endorsed by The Hepatitis C Trust, is based on over 500 conversations with MSM, aims to inform healthcare professionals and services providers across the UK around ChemSex (the use of recreational drugs for sex) and HIV/HCV co-infection to empower them to use the terminology that will most resonate with these at-risk groups, and to ensure they are being diagnosed and treated effectively.

The ChemSex and hepatitis C: a discussion guide for HCPs can be downloaded by visiting 56 Dean Street's website.

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