Can Regulus Therapeutics Double Again on Next Hep-C Drug Trial Update?

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- Let's interrupt the non-stop (and frankly, repetitive) chatter about hepatitis C drug price wars and turn our attention again to Regulus Therapeutics and its experimental, injectable microRNA therapy RG-101.

New trial data from a group of hepatitis C patients treated with a higher dose of RG-101 are expected in early February, according to Regulus. The company's stock price doubled last October when the first slug of RG-101 data were announced, so it's a good time to review what we know about the drug and attempt to determine what the updated results might reveal.

RG-101 uses small (micro) snippets of RNA to disrupt the replication of the hepatitis C virus and lead to its elimination from the liver. Regulus views RG-101 as a potentially new way to treat hepatitis C with a single or even a few simple and easily tolerated injections. It's a controversial idea because the best hepatitis C therapy today are already considered to be incredibly convenient. Gilead Sciences'  Harvoni requires patients to take a single, daily pill for eight or 12 weeks. No injections are needed. Abbvie's   Viekira Pak is just as effective but with a few more pills. [RA Capital portfolio manager Peter Kolchinsky owns Regulus and wrote about the bull thesis for RG-101 earlier this month].


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