UK: Diana Johnson MP: Final settlement of the contaminated blood scandal

Diana Johnson MP is Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Haemophilia & Contaminated Blood. Today it publishes a report into the current support for individuals affected by the contaminated blood scandal.

From the 1970s through to the early-1990s, thousands of people underwent treatment with NHS-supplied blood products. Many of these products are now known to have been contaminated with HIV and/or Hepatitis C. Although this scandal only affected a small proportion of the population, it infected almost the entire community of people with haemophilia; and for everyone who was affected by these conditions, their lives were changed forever.

The tragic psychological and financial damage caused by these conditions is considerable, and stretches across generations. Primary earners’ careers were ruined by infection. Many affected found themselves completely unable to work, others were forced to cut down their hours and never enjoyed the career progression they would have had if the viruses never affected them. The scandal also spilled over to the carers, partners and dependants of those affected, who often had to sacrifice their own careers to support their loved ones. Should their partners die before they do, they find themselves unable to support themselves, having lost the skills necessary to get by in today’s labour market.


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