Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinators, a Vital CDC Program Helping to Achieve the Goals of the Viral Hepatitis Action Plan

Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinators (VHPCs) are vital to the implementation of the nation’s Action Plan for the Prevention, Care, & Treatment of Viral Hepatitis, and ultimately, achievement of 3 of the national goals of reducing viral hepatitis transmission and disease:
Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and positioned within state and local health departments, VHPCs serve over 50 jurisdictions around the country including 48 states and several major cities. Because each community is unique, VHPCs evaluate local data to tailor prevention activities for their jurisdictions and seek local partnerships and resources to implement these activities where they are most needed.  Since the program began more than a decade ago, the coordinators have improved the effectiveness of viral hepatitis prevention activities, identifying ways to integrate viral hepatitis prevention vaccination, testing, and linkage to care within existing public health, clinical care, and community settings. A recent report on the VHPC program, “Accomplishments of the Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator Initiative, 2008-2012,” outlines the program, describes the scope of activities, and highlights examples of outcomes. 

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