Incepta Pharmaceuticals launches generic version of Sovaldi

Incepta Pharmaceuticals has brought a generic version of the drug Sovaldi, of the Gilead Sciences, which is being used in treatment of hepatitis C, is a very popular drug. The generic version of the drug will be sold at a price of $10.

The generic drug of Sovaldi is named as Hopetavir and the cost of the drug for a period of 12 weeks will be $900. Cost of Gilead Sciences Inc.'s Sovaldi is very high. "Gilead is aware of unauthorized generic versions of sofosbuvir being offered in the marketplace .We're focused on enabling our eleven Indian generic partners to launch their authorized generic versions as soon as possible", the company said in an e-mail.

So far, it was the most successful drug for treating hepatitis C. And the cost of this drug for a period of twelve weeks was $86,000.


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