Tazo tea luminary Steven Smith died of liver cancer caused by hepatitis C, a hidden epidemic

After Tazo co-founder Steven Smith died at 65 on March 23, an article on his exceptional life as a serial entrepreneur and whimsical tea visionary attracted more than 100,000 clicks on oregonlive.com -- a lot for a news obituary.

But some readers wrote to The Oregonian with questions. They wanted to know the cause of death. They asked why Smith, still bubbling with energy and ideas, died so relatively young.

On Monday, Smith's widow, Kim DeMent -- a remarkable woman in her own right, who runs Steven Smith Teamaker, dances with BodyVox and writes lyrically -- explained why. The answer should concern baby boomers and others, because it involves a little-known epidemic that could take many more lives at any age without simple precautions.

Smith died from complications of liver cancer.


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