Joint Pain a Major Issue in Chronic HCV Infection

Smoking increases risk of arthralgias in hepatitis C.

Patient-reported joint pain is prevalent in those with chronic monoinfection with hepatitis C virus (HCV) or monoinfection with immunodeficiency virus (HIV), as well as in patients with HIV/HCV coinfection, according to a study published online in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders on April 19, 2015. But chronic HCV patients report more arthralgia.

The study, led by Alexis R. Ogdie, MD, a rheumatologist at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, found that chronically HCV-monoinfected patients more frequently reported arthralgias compared with HIV/HCV-coinfected or HIV-monoinfected persons.

Joint pain was more commonly reported in HCV-monoinfected than HIV/HCV-coinfected (71% versus 56%; P=0.038) and HIV-monoinfected patients (71% versus 50%; P=0.035).


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