A New Powerful HCV Health Tool, by Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief

Originally published July 1, 2015

In this age of technology, hepatitis C finally has it is own App!  This technology is brought to you by Help-4-Hep which provides peer-to-peer counselling services for people with hepatitis C.  It is available on the internet and mobile devices.

The application includes everything you need to stay healthy living with hepatitis C and if undergoing treatment: 
This is another powerful new tool that Help-4-Hep provides nationwide.  Help-4-Hep is a non-profit, peer-to-peer helpline — 877‑HELP‑4‑HEP (877‑435‑7443) — where counselors work with patients to meet the challenges of hepatitis C head-on.  Callers talk one-to-one with a real person, typically someone who’s had hepatitis C touch their own life.  This is a fantastic service.

If you need help or know someone who needs help, please refer them to this service.  Alan


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