Australia: Hepatitis C drug buyers club aims to set up new source of support

 "The FixHepC Buyers Club has successfully helped patients with a doctor's prescription to arrange personal importation and testing of a course of the drugs for a fraction of the US cost - between $US930 ($A1292) and $US1980 ($A2795). The cure rates from these generic medications have reportedly been excellent with results posted on the website."

A group of campaigning patients and doctors has launched a Dallas Buyers' Club-style operation to help Australia's estimated 233,000 hepatitis C sufferers get new life-saving drugs without paying astronomical bills.

The move comes after the Kirby Institute for infection and immunity in society published a report showing the number of Australians with hep-C related severe liver disease has more than doubled in 10 years.

The FixHepC Buyers Club has been set up to import new wonder drugs such as Harvoni  and Sovaldi from China, instead of waiting for Gilead Sciences, the American pharmaceutical giant which owns the patents, to negotiate a price with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

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