Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs Booklet —Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief

Recently I had to fill a prescription drug for my Dog—Buddy.  I had the prescription filled at a well-known national drug store chain.  A 30-day supply cost me $52.00 for a generic drug!  He needed two prescriptions so after I had that one filled I called around to see if I could find a cheaper medicine.  BAM—not only did I find a cheaper generic prescription, but it was only $9.00 for a 30-day supply.  The generic company is a well-recognized and respected generic manufacturer.  How could the same drug cost so much more from one location in the same city?  I guess this can happen when you are dealing with prescriptions, insurance coverage, and pharmacies.   I am now in the process of checking to see if my generic medicines would be cheaper at the other pharmacy that my insurance co-pays.  As the saying goes – it pays to shop around!

Coincidently, today I received a booklet in the mail from titled “Consumer Reports Best Drugs for Less.”  This little book is chock full of information about saving people money on drugs, gives examples of how much money you can save, provides information on the best choices on different medications, what drugs are safe split in half (and medications that should not be broken in half), generic drugs, reading drug labels, understanding drugstore services and much more health advice.

The booklet is free!  It can be viewed and downloaded in English and Spanish at

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