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About Us

The Hepatitis C Support Project (HCSP) is a registered non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Alan Franciscus and other HCV positive individuals to address the lack of education, support, and services available at that time for the HCV population.
alan_15Alan Franciscus – Executive DirectorHCSP and Editor-in-Chief, HCV Advocate Website. Alan has been working in hepatitis C and HCSP since 1997 and considers HCV advocacy his highest priority.
Clara Maltrás is an English to Spanish translator – Clara has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. Clara specializes in translating HIV/Hepatitis C newsletters, pharmaceutical brochures, and information about Cardiology/Neurology implanted devices. Clara has been working with the Hepatitis C Support Project/ HCV Advocate since 2002 and in HIV since 1995.Clara Maltras2
jacquesJacques Chambers, , Benefits Counselor in private practice with over 40 years of experience in public benefits and private insurance. Jacques has been working in Hepatitis C and HCSP since 2003, and in HIV since 1990.
Judith BarlowWebmaster, HCV Advocate Website.Judith consults with a wide variety of small business owners and non-profits about building and/or maintaining existing websites.judy
Kate 0022Kate FryeAdministrative Assistant.Kate started working with HCSP in 2007 and has performed many duties over the years. Her current focus is primarily handling correspondence from prisoners. She answers the many letters we receive and sends information to people that do not have access to our website.
Leslie HoexOwner of Blue Kangaroo Design. Leslie has been doing graphic design and desktop publishing with Alan and the HCV Advocate since 2006. Alan has always allowed her free rein with her designing. She is honored to be working for such a wonderful group, helping to spread their awareness of HCV and HBV.Leslie
lucindaLucinda K. PorterRN has written for the HCV Advocate since 1998. She is the author of Free from Hepatitis C and Hepatitis C One Step at a Time. Lucinda underwent three hepatitis C treatments and is now cured.
Rose ChristensenOffice Manager, Assistant Editor. Rose started as a volunteer with HCSP in 1997 and has become an integral part of the day to day operations of the project.Rose2