Dr. David Mazoff

Dr. David Mazoff

It is with regret that we announce that Dr. Mazoff has retired from the Hepatitis C Support Project (HCSP)/HCV Advocate effective September 30, 2015. We are happy for David, but he will be missed by all of us at HCSP and the hepatitis C community.

David became a full-time employee of HCSP/HCV Advocate on January 01, 2003 although he did volunteer work for us prior to his official start day. David’s responsibilities included webmaster, general editor, and production of our fact sheets/guides, and newsletters, and many additional duties.

From the beginning, David raised our game.  He was an important part of our growth from a small local group in San Francisco, CA to a large national advocacy organization. He helped us implement a new website in early 2000’s, and he designed and implemented our current site that we launched in September 2015.

David took on many duties throughout the years that included the production of our fact sheets, guides, and our newsletters. David also was in charge of posting news items to our blog and many, many more duties.  His shoes will be hard to fill.

David lives in Victoria, B.C., Canada.  He will be spending time playing swing jazz, Latin jazz and Argentine tango with his accordion.  His aim is to join a group and play professionally.  He also plans on hiking, bird watching and volunteering for HepCBC in his spare time.  Knowing David he will accomplish all of his wish list and much more.

We wish David the best of luck as he lives his so-called retirement to the fullest.  I hope that David realizes how much his work has helped thousands of people with hepatitis C and B.

If you happen to run into David, give him a big ole Canadian ‘hi’ and a bear hug for all his great work.

Alan and the staff of the
Hepatitis C Support Project/HCV Advocate