Exclusive HCV Interview: Lucinda K Porter, RN - American Journal of Medicine - Hepatitis C Resource Center Blog

Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

LUCINDA: I was a patient who was infected with hepatitis C in 1988, and I turned that into an opportunity to learn more about hepatitis C. I have been working in this field since 1997. Along the way, I worked at Stanford Medical Center in their Hepatology Division. I’ve also done a lot of writing since the late ’90s, and I wrote two books, both of them on hepatitis C. Currently, I work as a contributing editor for HepMag.com and write for the HCV Advocate. My bio is on my website (http://www.lucindaporterrn.com).

My first question is what do you see as the biggest challenges associated with the hepatitis C epidemic in the U.S.?

LUCINDA: I see three problems. The first is that we need to identify and test those patients who are still undiagnosed. I think that’s a huge issue because they’re not getting screened, particularly baby boomers.

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