HCV Advocate Eblast: November 15, 2015

HCV Advocate Eblast: November 15, 2015

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Feds to Medicaid: Stop HCV Treatment Restrictions

by Alan Franciscus
This is good news for patients who have been denied HCV treatment by Medicaid. It will also mean that the government will investigate HCV pricing policies and insurance denial practices.

Gilead Applies for FDA Approval

by Alan Franciscus
The combination of sofosbuvir plus velapasvir (with and without ribavirin) to treat genotypes 1 through 6 has completed Phase 3 clinical studies, and Gilead has submitted the data to the Food and Drug Administration for marketing approval. Read about the results.

Social Security and Medicare Changes for 2016

by Jacques Chambers
It is that time of year that some people need to start making changes to their Social Security or Medicare. Read this informative article by Jacques to find out the latest information and changes to these two important programs.

HCV Drugs

by Alan Franciscus
There was a lot of news in the world of HCV drugs — such as a teaser to a study that will be released at AASLD — curing people with 3 weeks of treatment, a safety warning about Viekira Pak and Technivie, and going bananas to treat HIV, HCV and the flu.

HCV SnapShots

by Alan Franciscus
This month’s column features two abstracts including HCV and the risk of preterm birth, and how statins reduce the progression to cirrhosis.

The Five: Pan-Genotypic Drugs

by Alan Franciscus
This month’s The Five discusses the various aspects of pan-genotypic drugs and why they are the future of HCV treatment.

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