Final Blog - We are switching to a new blog platform - Please read.

Please note:

This is the final posting to this blog.  We are switching to a new blog platform and address – you will probably notice a slight change.  The obvious change is the icon in the upper right-hand corner of each post on the new blog: “Make a Comment.”  We would like to encourage you to make comments on the posts we blog.  Please note that we filter and approve all comments.

If you are a “Follower by Email” you have been getting emails that contain our posts.  The look of the emails will be changing a bit with the new blog.  It will have the same header picture that the blog has, and it will have a slightly different look and a different feel. If you are not yet a Follower, please consider signing up to Follow by Email.

If you are currently a Google/Blogger follower, you will no longer be receiving the updates you are used to receiving.  We'd like to keep you updated, so please "Follow by Email" on the new blog after February 1; or, simply use the old blog address when you want to see the latest posts, and you will be redirected".

Thank You,