Health Beat: Hepatitis C: The costly cure Melanie Falcon , Anchor / Reporter,

Note:  Hepatitis C is spread by blood-to-blood contact, not all body fluids.

MIAMI - Jeffrey Acocella and Dirk Stokes are two faces of hepatitis C. "I felt very tired, fatigued," Acocella said. Hep C, as it's commonly called, spreads through contaminated body fluids.

"When I'm playing with my grandchildren and doing everything else, I'm always going, 'Aw man, I got to be careful. I don't want to infect anybody,'" Stokes explained. Treatment with new drugs is simple, one pill a day for eight to 12 weeks. Nearly 95 percent of people treated are cured with few or no side-effects, but it's not cheap. Each pill costs $1,000, so treatment could run up to $84,000. Acocella's health insurer said yes.

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